Top Interior Design Tips

Top Interior Design Tips

Four Tips To Modernise The Feature Wall Theory

by Yolanda Allen

Feature walls were everywhere in the late nineties and early two thousands. They suddenly turned up on interior design programmes, and then it seemed like they were everywhere! As time passes they're starting to look a little dated in some people's eyes, but that doesn't mean there aren't good ways to employ the concept even now: you just need to think a little outside the box.

Think about making use of feature floors and ceilings instead.

Who says that ceilings have to be white? If you really want to make an eye-catching statement in a room, leave all the walls the same colour as each other and get a little more creative with your floors and ceilings. From a block colour people didn't expect to a full-on painted mural to draw the eye, there are plenty of ways you can do this!

Find a luxury wall covering you love, use it on one wall, and pick out from it a single colour for the others that is anything but white.

Many of the most attractive luxury wallpapers from places like Plush Wallpaper have gorgeous, intricate patterns and several colours and shades throughout. With a little imagination, you'll be able to pick out a tone you especially love--and it can be anything you want, but avoid a plain or neutral colour!--and have it colour-matched to paint the other walls of the room. Any paper with a predominantly neutral palette and then a splash of one single accent bright is a particularly great choice for this method!

Try painting all the walls of a room in different tones of the same colour.

Create a really interesting feel by not having one 'feature wall' at all, but four. Pick a colour, and have it used on every wall of the room at a different place on the light-dark spectrum; the effect is truly eye-catching.

Use a busy paper in a small connecting space to draw the rooms around it together.

Got a hallway with several rooms branching off it? Pick a luxury wallpaper that you love but that has a lot going on: a busy pattern, multiple colours. Then paint each of the rooms that the hallway leads to in a different one of those colours, taking care to colour-match accurately. This is a wonderful way to really pull a space together, and it's sure to get your guests paying attention and talking about your sense of style.


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